Tuesday, 28 June 2011

She may be young but she only likes old thingss....

It's been a while!...Spring is out of sight and Summer is here! Well, at least some days it seems to make an appearance!
With all of my work handed in and results back from this year, I'm ready to de-stress, relax and focus on the future! So far, I admit I've been insanely lazy, having slept through a lot of days...eek...and allowed my house to resemble the local rubbish tip...I have decided I need some sparkling inspiration and a big dose of motivation.

So first off a thorough clean and tidy of the house, a massive wardrobe sort out! And then sell sell sell on ebay!
I have plans to turn this into a bit of get together on Friday with my friends helping me tidy (haaaha!) and then baking cupcakes and cooking a delicious meal followed by drinks and music in a lovely fairy lit room. Ooh with breakfast at Heaton Perk the following morning!

With this out of way I'll feel all sorted to start focusing on more important things, such as looking for fashion work placements for next year, drawing so I don't completely forget how to! And soaking up some rays! (whenever the opportunity arises, this is important!)

This summer I'm wearinggg..... bra tops or cropped bandeau alongside highwaited levi hot pants...or highwaisted anything! Accessorised with BRIGHT jewellery, TAN belts and shoooes/sandals and vintage bags and scarfs! layer over a shirt on cooler days..this is a great day to night look as you never know where you'll end up!!! Just be sure to have some benefit high beam and red lippy packed in that satchel! :)

Happy Sunshine everyone!