Friday, 18 February 2011


So, this week me and my fashion girls headed south! And what a time we had. I hadn't been in years and was always too young to get the fullest out of a visit there, this time, I was reminded of Paris by the whole experience. I don't think I could pick a best moment cause it was all so fabulous! Highlights must include: The Wishing throne at Kensington Palace, The Shoe Galleries in Selfriges, Karaoke at some gay bar in Soho, Oxford St Topshop, Moet champagne in the penthouse suite! One of a Kind Vintage on Portobello Road! I could go on and on... Yeah, we managed to pack a fair bit into our mid-weak mini break!

Room of the dancing princesses. Kesington Palace
Slightly devastating that we booked to go just before LFW! Typically we were leaving THE DAY BEFORE! I'll be glued to my laptop this week for all of the updates however, and I'm 100% there next year!
I've come to the conclusion that I'm living in London as soon as fate makes it possible! I love everything from the fast paced living (I think this is the only way I'm ever motivated to do things) and the amazing street style to the amount of quirky little fabric shops down back streets and choice of gigantic stores to dream away in. Not to mention the amount of exhibitions and shows there are to be seen! I've came back much more motivated and inspired (as stupid/cliché' as that may sound) and I'm ready and raring to get my portfolio in tip top shape ready for all of my uni interviews and not to waste any more hours being lazy and unmotivated!

So, on that note I'll bounce off and start organising my life! :)

Exhibition reports and pictures to follow! Too exhausted to continue