Tuesday, 28 June 2011

She may be young but she only likes old thingss....

It's been a while!...Spring is out of sight and Summer is here! Well, at least some days it seems to make an appearance!
With all of my work handed in and results back from this year, I'm ready to de-stress, relax and focus on the future! So far, I admit I've been insanely lazy, having slept through a lot of days...eek...and allowed my house to resemble the local rubbish tip...I have decided I need some sparkling inspiration and a big dose of motivation.

So first off a thorough clean and tidy of the house, a massive wardrobe sort out! And then sell sell sell on ebay!
I have plans to turn this into a bit of get together on Friday with my friends helping me tidy (haaaha!) and then baking cupcakes and cooking a delicious meal followed by drinks and music in a lovely fairy lit room. Ooh with breakfast at Heaton Perk the following morning!

With this out of way I'll feel all sorted to start focusing on more important things, such as looking for fashion work placements for next year, drawing so I don't completely forget how to! And soaking up some rays! (whenever the opportunity arises, this is important!)

This summer I'm wearinggg..... bra tops or cropped bandeau alongside highwaited levi hot pants...or highwaisted anything! Accessorised with BRIGHT jewellery, TAN belts and shoooes/sandals and vintage bags and scarfs! layer over a shirt on cooler days..this is a great day to night look as you never know where you'll end up!!! Just be sure to have some benefit high beam and red lippy packed in that satchel! :)

Happy Sunshine everyone!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


...And I don't mean the Urban Outfitters range... I'm talking charity shops here. There's nothing like the buzz you feel when you find an outfit more amazing than that of the mannequin in a vintage store, but for pennies. Literally.

So while we're all struggling to pull together a new outfit (hurry up loan!!!) for the next night out and wanting to spend our money on shots and trebles (hehe) rather than new threads, I suggest you head right on down to a strip of charity shops and scour those rag rails for your next glamour fix... Honestly I tell you, you can look like you've stepped outta American Apparel!

The first thing i always look for are BAGS! There are ALWAYS so many great vintage styles and clutches: normally better quality than you find about high street shops now, usually real leather, and always a fraction of the price, we're talking under a fiver here...

Next is shoes, which is a bit more tricky as sized can be an issue. But don't rule them out as I've picked up a few pairs in the past that are absolute essentials!

Now, to tackle those overcrowded rails... First grab the things that initialy stand out, cause usually you can pick apart the good stuff from the crap as soon as you walk in. Attracted to sequins and beads? these things are usually grouped together and will look great with a sheer shirt which you can be sure to find! And don't be afraid to go for something that looks a little old fashioned, teamed with the right items and worn the right way, you will look a million dollars.

Outfit £4.50!

OH and never forget to look through menswear! Old Levis- perfect for cutting into denim hot pants, not to mention the endless amount of Grandad jumpers you can throw on for a BBQ at the park this summer :)

So go on, avoid Topshop and find an alternative at your local charity shops today! You can't really lose, canyou?! ;-)


Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Christopher Kane A/W 11

(Pics: dazeddigital.com)

This collection is fabulous! Although I've never been a huge fan of Kane, this catwalk line up really wowed me! Futuristic, sexy, slick and cool; the designs carry the right amount of colour and edge whilst still being elegant... Genious!

Friday, 18 February 2011


So, this week me and my fashion girls headed south! And what a time we had. I hadn't been in years and was always too young to get the fullest out of a visit there, this time, I was reminded of Paris by the whole experience. I don't think I could pick a best moment cause it was all so fabulous! Highlights must include: The Wishing throne at Kensington Palace, The Shoe Galleries in Selfriges, Karaoke at some gay bar in Soho, Oxford St Topshop, Moet champagne in the penthouse suite! One of a Kind Vintage on Portobello Road! I could go on and on... Yeah, we managed to pack a fair bit into our mid-weak mini break!

Room of the dancing princesses. Kesington Palace
Slightly devastating that we booked to go just before LFW! Typically we were leaving THE DAY BEFORE! I'll be glued to my laptop this week for all of the updates however, and I'm 100% there next year!
I've come to the conclusion that I'm living in London as soon as fate makes it possible! I love everything from the fast paced living (I think this is the only way I'm ever motivated to do things) and the amazing street style to the amount of quirky little fabric shops down back streets and choice of gigantic stores to dream away in. Not to mention the amount of exhibitions and shows there are to be seen! I've came back much more motivated and inspired (as stupid/cliché' as that may sound) and I'm ready and raring to get my portfolio in tip top shape ready for all of my uni interviews and not to waste any more hours being lazy and unmotivated!

So, on that note I'll bounce off and start organising my life! :)

Exhibition reports and pictures to follow! Too exhausted to continue


Sunday, 6 February 2011

Mila Kunis in Black Swan!

Mila Kunis delivers an excellent performance in the incredibly messed up, yet outstandingly put together film; Black Swan. Her work was not only believable but it is clear to see she got right into the characters head, and backed up Natalie Portmans amazing performance brilliantly. 

Mila is one of the most stunning actresses on the big screen this season and extremely versatile in her roles; shown in her other work 'That 70's show', 'Book of Eli' and 'Forgetting Sarah Marshal'. She's effortlessly cool, oozing personality and style. As an up and coming star of our screens, I hope Kunis can make the transition from co-star to HUGE star, with that refreshing burst of energy she throws into all of her work!

As for the film itself, Aronofskys 'Black Swan' proved to be an extremely visually exciting and enthralling insight into the life and mind of ballerina 'Nina', played by Portman, striving for perfection in every are of her life, Nina lands the role of her dream in the ballet 'Swan Lake'. Her dream soon turns into a nightmare as her demons take over her life and her dark side is exposed. 'Lily' played by Kunis comes onto the scene as a free- spirited ballerina in the same company, who then, un beknown to herself, gets inside Ninas head. Nina is lead to believe Lily is after her, her role, her man, her dreams.
Without going much further, as it's a complicated one to explain without watching, and i don't want to ruin the storyline! I'd say although I definitely recomend the film and it is fantastically made, I would also note that with some shockingly disturbing scenes it is certainly one not to watched alone. But, that could just be me being a wimp!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Hottest High Street Trends This Season!

I am absolutely LOVING checking out what the high street has to offer this spring! Very 70's inspired and full of cute little beauties! Get yourself into town now, or if it's still a bit too chilly for you to get into the summer spirit, sit on your sofa and check them all out online. To help you out here are my favourite pieces this season, from my two favourite high street stores (Topshop and Urban Outfitters)!


Silk shirt dress, £46.00

Leather shorts, £68.00 (Similar faux leather pair available-£38.00)

Spotted vintage collar dress, £32.00

Tassel loafers, £85 (These, I literally NEED!)

Urban Outfitters

Dot print sheer shirt, £45. Levis vintage shorts, £30

Blue, silk starburst dress, £58.00 (Web Exclusive!)

Two tone satchel to see you through the day and into the night, big enough to fit in those summer essentials and small enough to party the night away in, only £34.00!

CHECK OUT! These slouchy oversized cable knit jumpers, available in a variety of shades to throw over any summer ensemble on a cooling summers sunset. Yours at £65.00!

Make sure you you follow the link to browse the wonderful range of designer vintage looking, but still affordable sunglasses, watches and other accessories to see you through the rest of the year! NOW!


Sunday, 30 January 2011

The Candle Thieves

Song + Video = Too Cute!


Fill My Head With Trash

Magazines: one of my biggest boredom busters. Be it a monthly glossy read cover to cover, trend mag full of inspirational imagery or your weekly trash that can kill, or in some cases, steal 10 minutes of your day (surely?!) You gotta love them.

This month I think I can safely say I have them all, as every time I walk into the shop there's nothing new. That, and the fact that one night when I was buying a (to be fair) a fair few at once a man in the queue commented "Looks like your having a lonely night tonight". Great...

Anyway, as it happened there turned out to be enough interesting and enjoyable features in them to make my night fly by:

Cheryl Coles interview with Elle was both truthful and inspirational, which you often don't get from celebs these days. She seems thoroughly grounded and a great role model for women. The photo shoot was amazing too. Naturally.

This is more than can be said for Victoria Beckhams Vogue interview. Ok, so I already dislike her, but I thought to myself 'I'll read it anyway, keep an open mind...' And all that. Nope, still hate her. It appeared the article had attempted to show her in a better light... However it just didn't wash. Comments like "I kept feeling like I should have my hair blow dried every day, and there just isn't the time" (referring to her workshop being too easily accessed by the paps) just made me think 'eurgh get a grip.' It also angered me that she says she has found something she's good at; Fashion design. She then went on to say "Look, I don't draw"... Hmmm? A fashion designer that cannot draw, pattern cut and severely lacks a personality. Ok... It's stated in the interview that she 'sketches an idea which is then drawn all over' (by people who actually know what they're doing maybe?!?!) It seems all she does is come up with a starting point and nods her head the finished piece. What's creative about this?!.. I'll breathe now...

Despite this blood boiling piece (I wouldn't ACTUALLY go that far...) there was a great read about the inspirational Christopher Kane, written by the charismatic Miss Alexa Chung. That, along with a great overview of spring 11 styling pages, modelled by the outstanding Freja Beha Erichsen, was enough to compensate.

S/S 11 Picks.

Despite having loved being able to throw layers upon layers of warm, chunky a/w trends (I will especially miss leather) it is safe to say that I'm well and truly ready to leave behind the not so visually exciting colour pallet of camel, grey and black I donned this winter; entering the ever so bright future of Summer 11. Roll on the third instalment of our student loan to fund our rainbow wardrobes!

With so many fantastic shows put on by the genius designers this year, it was hard to pick favourites. I went off what I personally want to be enjoying my summer days and sunset evenings in over the season.

Proenza Schouler
Bring on those neon brights!

Richard Nicoll
Amazing! Love the floaty pastel pleats! Want.

Jonathan Saunders
W O W. Possibly my favourite collection. So Sixties, so vintage, so cute! love the pastel colours, floated yet still tailored shapes and sexy minis; this collection has everything I'm after!

Jil Sander
Simple. Bright. Cool. Effortless. Chic!

The perfect mix of feminity, great colour, body defining and unusual shape! Fabulous.

Need to get there one day!


Wednesday, 19 January 2011

This Is What We Need

So, I was reading an article, in Company magazine, which really inspired me. It's a new feature, all about cool things to do with your weekend (Saturday GIRL! Column by: Lena de Casparis). There was this amazing place in London Drink, Shop and Do. Its' basic concept is it's a cafe, however it's a cafe with a twist. Full of vintage finds and cute quirky treasures, you can buy anything you see, from the tea cups you are using to the chairs under customers bums! The cafe come shop transforms from a cute cafe which sells sweet treats and coffee to a chic bar in seconds as it conjures up cocktails and hosts events nightly! What more could you want, if there was something like this near me I don't think I'd need a home to go to!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Dip Dye Hair Trend

My hair lust.
Effortless, grunge, whatever you want to call it...
It looks low maintenence and makes any outfit look fab! These celebs are already on board....

I especially love Rachel Bilsons take, her whole look matches this style with perfection...
...I was so inspired, I tried the look out myself...

Mad About Camel

The warm and soothing honey tones of camel and caramel! I'm all over it and going crazy for it this season! I've even swapped my regular vanilla latte for the more adventurous caramel syrup. Mmmm, a discovery has never tasted so good.
Not only will this shade bring you right up-to-date, but is sure to compliment those pale tones that the winter burdens our skin with, leaving us all looking, lets face it, a bit peaky.
My advice for this look is stay neutral. Mix with blacks, creams and grey. This look is simple, subtle and sophisticated...but I didn’t say you can't still stand out.
Two key items in my wardrobe this autumn winter are my black and camel, oversized polar neck and my camel mini.
I team them up with jet black sheer tights and a pair of killer taupe boot wedges, along with a huge fur jacket. Or, if its slightly warmer, I go for thigh high socks, with a statement fur hat, and lotsss of gold necklaces...wait, did I mention, LOTS!?
Next on Christmas list (that no doubt I will be begging for much earlier) a thick camel trench coat, perfect. Although I am going a bit coat mad at the moment. A girl’s wardrobe can never be too full, that's what I'll believe.


Sunday, 24 October 2010


Alexa Chung, an absolute style God in my eyes, if you hadn't already noticed....

Everything you see right here, in this image, I want it all!

That Mulberry shirt, my God! Amazing! I'm also loving the vintage Levis and her HAIR (colour and style)! While I'm at it, I wouldn't mind her face and legs either really...Sadly it will never be....


So mainly this week I feel I’m embracing the ‘farmer’ style somewhat- minus the wellies.  My new cosy Aaron woolly knit (cream, oversized, with burgundy bobbles splashed about) literally will not be leaving my back for a good while yet! Thrown over my camel skirt or my black leather panel leggings (both H&M) and worn with my brand new tan tassel loafers (by Bertie, £85), with an old man’s wax (Barbour like) coat to finish off the look and keep me snug. Generally this is my fave outfit right now, or, look of the moment, if you like.

I think I must have been inspired by my friend Ben, whose style I simply describe as “farmer” (not intentional as he doesn’t agree). After a good old Starbucks Latte (replaces our summer meetings for frapps) we headed up to some charity shops to cheer me up before my dull stint at work. Instantly he spotted the two best things in the shop (my jumper and coat, already mentioned). And, from now on I don’t think I can go on a charity spree without him, until I get bored of this trend at least... Perhaps he’s just trying to create a female version of him? I reckon so, but, for the time being he can do just that, cause I’m loving my new, old beauties.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Autumn love

Autumn is now well and truly upon us and this year I'm loving it more than ever.

It's safe to say I'm not missing the summer sunshine, cause, let's face it, we didn't get any. So, I'm embracing the crisp and blustery (but still dry at least!) season we can count on with all of my energy.

I want to sit on a park bench amidst the muted shades of fallen leaves, vanilla latte clutched for warmth. I'll be wearing my beloved new leopard print fur jacket, a chunky knitted scarf that I havn't actually rummaged the shops for just yet. And, over a pair of thickish black tights will be the Burberry inspired (or complete rip off I should say) sheepskin lined boots that top my wish list this winter, I've had my eye on them a while now as I browse the stock at work, however being Pied a Terre they're a little out of my pricey at 175 of your English pounds; even with my half price discont they may dent my bank balance a little too much this month. For the time being though I will still sit here, minus the statement boots, dreaming up fabulous outfits for the day I get my leather clad mits on them...x