Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Dip Dye Hair Trend

My hair lust.
Effortless, grunge, whatever you want to call it...
It looks low maintenence and makes any outfit look fab! These celebs are already on board....

I especially love Rachel Bilsons take, her whole look matches this style with perfection...
...I was so inspired, I tried the look out myself...

Mad About Camel

The warm and soothing honey tones of camel and caramel! I'm all over it and going crazy for it this season! I've even swapped my regular vanilla latte for the more adventurous caramel syrup. Mmmm, a discovery has never tasted so good.
Not only will this shade bring you right up-to-date, but is sure to compliment those pale tones that the winter burdens our skin with, leaving us all looking, lets face it, a bit peaky.
My advice for this look is stay neutral. Mix with blacks, creams and grey. This look is simple, subtle and sophisticated...but I didn’t say you can't still stand out.
Two key items in my wardrobe this autumn winter are my black and camel, oversized polar neck and my camel mini.
I team them up with jet black sheer tights and a pair of killer taupe boot wedges, along with a huge fur jacket. Or, if its slightly warmer, I go for thigh high socks, with a statement fur hat, and lotsss of gold necklaces...wait, did I mention, LOTS!?
Next on Christmas list (that no doubt I will be begging for much earlier) a thick camel trench coat, perfect. Although I am going a bit coat mad at the moment. A girl’s wardrobe can never be too full, that's what I'll believe.


Sunday, 24 October 2010


Alexa Chung, an absolute style God in my eyes, if you hadn't already noticed....

Everything you see right here, in this image, I want it all!

That Mulberry shirt, my God! Amazing! I'm also loving the vintage Levis and her HAIR (colour and style)! While I'm at it, I wouldn't mind her face and legs either really...Sadly it will never be....


So mainly this week I feel I’m embracing the ‘farmer’ style somewhat- minus the wellies.  My new cosy Aaron woolly knit (cream, oversized, with burgundy bobbles splashed about) literally will not be leaving my back for a good while yet! Thrown over my camel skirt or my black leather panel leggings (both H&M) and worn with my brand new tan tassel loafers (by Bertie, £85), with an old man’s wax (Barbour like) coat to finish off the look and keep me snug. Generally this is my fave outfit right now, or, look of the moment, if you like.

I think I must have been inspired by my friend Ben, whose style I simply describe as “farmer” (not intentional as he doesn’t agree). After a good old Starbucks Latte (replaces our summer meetings for frapps) we headed up to some charity shops to cheer me up before my dull stint at work. Instantly he spotted the two best things in the shop (my jumper and coat, already mentioned). And, from now on I don’t think I can go on a charity spree without him, until I get bored of this trend at least... Perhaps he’s just trying to create a female version of him? I reckon so, but, for the time being he can do just that, cause I’m loving my new, old beauties.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Autumn love

Autumn is now well and truly upon us and this year I'm loving it more than ever.

It's safe to say I'm not missing the summer sunshine, cause, let's face it, we didn't get any. So, I'm embracing the crisp and blustery (but still dry at least!) season we can count on with all of my energy.

I want to sit on a park bench amidst the muted shades of fallen leaves, vanilla latte clutched for warmth. I'll be wearing my beloved new leopard print fur jacket, a chunky knitted scarf that I havn't actually rummaged the shops for just yet. And, over a pair of thickish black tights will be the Burberry inspired (or complete rip off I should say) sheepskin lined boots that top my wish list this winter, I've had my eye on them a while now as I browse the stock at work, however being Pied a Terre they're a little out of my pricey at 175 of your English pounds; even with my half price discont they may dent my bank balance a little too much this month. For the time being though I will still sit here, minus the statement boots, dreaming up fabulous outfits for the day I get my leather clad mits on them...x

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

You Animal!

Earlier this week, as I was flicking the pages of my weekly trash my eyes fell upon the page discussing Jessica Biel’s choice of double animal print.

So… Double print…
Is it a big smiling nod or a total fashion disaster no go?

The latter was my first thought on this statement look.
However, after deliberating somewhat, I decided that I would try it myself. Today, in fact. Although I was in a rush I decided to scramble our good mannequin friend Gladis, who stands as an art piece in our flat, and steal my leopard print high waisted mini back off her.
With some ripped tights and a floral crop, I teamed my outfit with a fabulous leopard (different colour and size schemed leopard to the skirt though, don’t worry) that I picked up from a charity shop a few months back. Actually it happens to be the one I’m sporting in my profile pic. It was a bit nippy out this morning so I flung on another second hand find of mine, a striking 80’s print, collared jumper…And yes, I may have went slightly overboard on the print today, but hey, who cares? I’m feeling happy (with no good reason) but I may as well show it.
Try the look yourself and tell us all how you rocked it. :)!

Monday, 4 October 2010

To Have And To Hold

Despite working in a shoe store, my true accessory passion is bags, ahh bags bags bags, I'm definitely a bag girl, through and through. They are my biggest weakness, that said, I genuinely believe a girl can never have too many of them, I mean, they basically carry your life, right?
A bag can uplift my spirits and make me feel great about my outfit and sometimes even the appalling day that faces me, fashion has powers like no other...
Top tip, do not care  about shoes and bag matching (most of the time), I say lets forget about looking put together and polished and all go for the more thrown together look, like a little princess trying on her mothers treasures, mis-matched is the way to go, effortless beauty. Yey to it  working perfectly with my completely unorganised, messy lifestyle too!

Some of my all time favourite bag shaped gems come from charity shops, classics they are. Never go near a vintage shop until you've rummaged the rails these second hand havens. Just the other day i stumbled across this amazing tan leather (soo soft!) and suede patchwork slouchy bag, i had told myself I wouldn't go shopping, what with the rent due the next day and what not, but it was love at first sight and for a fiver I could hardly say no. It hasn't left my shoulder since!

Now, charity shops are one thing but my god, how I would bubble with happiness if I got my hands on one of these wonderful Mulberry creations the almighty 'Alexa Bag'... in oak and oversized, please.
I reckon to purchase one of these would actually be more of an investment, possibly. I could fit everything I need in it, without carrying around too much junk AND I'm pretty sure it would go with every out fit and pair of shoes I own, and look amazing constantly! Eek, I'm talking myself into it. Enough
At about two and a half months rent though, I really don't think this would be a wise investment just yet. Christmas and birthday prezzie combined maybe?
Until then I'll concentrate on tonight's bag, hmmm vintage satchel or Mulberry Mitzy Hobo?

Saturday, 2 October 2010

Leather Lust!

My major fashion crush this autumn is anything leather for those sexy pins of yours. Be it  shorts or skirts, trousers or leggings, you name it, in leather? I want it.

I’m thinking, a leather mini teamed with a denim shirt or jacket, for those chilly days, or a plain grey T if you’re more of an indoor girl to keep it simple and casual for shopping. Wear with a little floral number or a bright printed T for a more exciting spin on the look... This baby can look cute, sexy, glam, edgy, cool and chic all at the same time! What’s not to love?

On those freezing days, because let’s face it, there will be many! Make sure to layer your leather luxuries with chunky knits, sheer fabrics, denim, fur and plenty of jewels and wear with bulky sheepskin trimmed boots to create this season’s multi-textured/ mixed up layered look. Not only will it keep you toasty cosy but looking bang on trend this ice cold A/W 10!

Mix with almost anything from your wardrobe to freshen your look in an instant! What more could a girl want?!

So skip on down to H+M to grab your leather staple steal this fall...! GO!
Scratch lust... It’s love!