Sunday, 6 February 2011

Mila Kunis in Black Swan!

Mila Kunis delivers an excellent performance in the incredibly messed up, yet outstandingly put together film; Black Swan. Her work was not only believable but it is clear to see she got right into the characters head, and backed up Natalie Portmans amazing performance brilliantly. 

Mila is one of the most stunning actresses on the big screen this season and extremely versatile in her roles; shown in her other work 'That 70's show', 'Book of Eli' and 'Forgetting Sarah Marshal'. She's effortlessly cool, oozing personality and style. As an up and coming star of our screens, I hope Kunis can make the transition from co-star to HUGE star, with that refreshing burst of energy she throws into all of her work!

As for the film itself, Aronofskys 'Black Swan' proved to be an extremely visually exciting and enthralling insight into the life and mind of ballerina 'Nina', played by Portman, striving for perfection in every are of her life, Nina lands the role of her dream in the ballet 'Swan Lake'. Her dream soon turns into a nightmare as her demons take over her life and her dark side is exposed. 'Lily' played by Kunis comes onto the scene as a free- spirited ballerina in the same company, who then, un beknown to herself, gets inside Ninas head. Nina is lead to believe Lily is after her, her role, her man, her dreams.
Without going much further, as it's a complicated one to explain without watching, and i don't want to ruin the storyline! I'd say although I definitely recomend the film and it is fantastically made, I would also note that with some shockingly disturbing scenes it is certainly one not to watched alone. But, that could just be me being a wimp!

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