Wednesday, 16 March 2011


...And I don't mean the Urban Outfitters range... I'm talking charity shops here. There's nothing like the buzz you feel when you find an outfit more amazing than that of the mannequin in a vintage store, but for pennies. Literally.

So while we're all struggling to pull together a new outfit (hurry up loan!!!) for the next night out and wanting to spend our money on shots and trebles (hehe) rather than new threads, I suggest you head right on down to a strip of charity shops and scour those rag rails for your next glamour fix... Honestly I tell you, you can look like you've stepped outta American Apparel!

The first thing i always look for are BAGS! There are ALWAYS so many great vintage styles and clutches: normally better quality than you find about high street shops now, usually real leather, and always a fraction of the price, we're talking under a fiver here...

Next is shoes, which is a bit more tricky as sized can be an issue. But don't rule them out as I've picked up a few pairs in the past that are absolute essentials!

Now, to tackle those overcrowded rails... First grab the things that initialy stand out, cause usually you can pick apart the good stuff from the crap as soon as you walk in. Attracted to sequins and beads? these things are usually grouped together and will look great with a sheer shirt which you can be sure to find! And don't be afraid to go for something that looks a little old fashioned, teamed with the right items and worn the right way, you will look a million dollars.

Outfit £4.50!

OH and never forget to look through menswear! Old Levis- perfect for cutting into denim hot pants, not to mention the endless amount of Grandad jumpers you can throw on for a BBQ at the park this summer :)

So go on, avoid Topshop and find an alternative at your local charity shops today! You can't really lose, canyou?! ;-)


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