Sunday, 30 January 2011

Fill My Head With Trash

Magazines: one of my biggest boredom busters. Be it a monthly glossy read cover to cover, trend mag full of inspirational imagery or your weekly trash that can kill, or in some cases, steal 10 minutes of your day (surely?!) You gotta love them.

This month I think I can safely say I have them all, as every time I walk into the shop there's nothing new. That, and the fact that one night when I was buying a (to be fair) a fair few at once a man in the queue commented "Looks like your having a lonely night tonight". Great...

Anyway, as it happened there turned out to be enough interesting and enjoyable features in them to make my night fly by:

Cheryl Coles interview with Elle was both truthful and inspirational, which you often don't get from celebs these days. She seems thoroughly grounded and a great role model for women. The photo shoot was amazing too. Naturally.

This is more than can be said for Victoria Beckhams Vogue interview. Ok, so I already dislike her, but I thought to myself 'I'll read it anyway, keep an open mind...' And all that. Nope, still hate her. It appeared the article had attempted to show her in a better light... However it just didn't wash. Comments like "I kept feeling like I should have my hair blow dried every day, and there just isn't the time" (referring to her workshop being too easily accessed by the paps) just made me think 'eurgh get a grip.' It also angered me that she says she has found something she's good at; Fashion design. She then went on to say "Look, I don't draw"... Hmmm? A fashion designer that cannot draw, pattern cut and severely lacks a personality. Ok... It's stated in the interview that she 'sketches an idea which is then drawn all over' (by people who actually know what they're doing maybe?!?!) It seems all she does is come up with a starting point and nods her head the finished piece. What's creative about this?!.. I'll breathe now...

Despite this blood boiling piece (I wouldn't ACTUALLY go that far...) there was a great read about the inspirational Christopher Kane, written by the charismatic Miss Alexa Chung. That, along with a great overview of spring 11 styling pages, modelled by the outstanding Freja Beha Erichsen, was enough to compensate.

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