Wednesday, 6 October 2010

You Animal!

Earlier this week, as I was flicking the pages of my weekly trash my eyes fell upon the page discussing Jessica Biel’s choice of double animal print.

So… Double print…
Is it a big smiling nod or a total fashion disaster no go?

The latter was my first thought on this statement look.
However, after deliberating somewhat, I decided that I would try it myself. Today, in fact. Although I was in a rush I decided to scramble our good mannequin friend Gladis, who stands as an art piece in our flat, and steal my leopard print high waisted mini back off her.
With some ripped tights and a floral crop, I teamed my outfit with a fabulous leopard (different colour and size schemed leopard to the skirt though, don’t worry) that I picked up from a charity shop a few months back. Actually it happens to be the one I’m sporting in my profile pic. It was a bit nippy out this morning so I flung on another second hand find of mine, a striking 80’s print, collared jumper…And yes, I may have went slightly overboard on the print today, but hey, who cares? I’m feeling happy (with no good reason) but I may as well show it.
Try the look yourself and tell us all how you rocked it. :)!

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