Sunday, 24 October 2010


So mainly this week I feel I’m embracing the ‘farmer’ style somewhat- minus the wellies.  My new cosy Aaron woolly knit (cream, oversized, with burgundy bobbles splashed about) literally will not be leaving my back for a good while yet! Thrown over my camel skirt or my black leather panel leggings (both H&M) and worn with my brand new tan tassel loafers (by Bertie, £85), with an old man’s wax (Barbour like) coat to finish off the look and keep me snug. Generally this is my fave outfit right now, or, look of the moment, if you like.

I think I must have been inspired by my friend Ben, whose style I simply describe as “farmer” (not intentional as he doesn’t agree). After a good old Starbucks Latte (replaces our summer meetings for frapps) we headed up to some charity shops to cheer me up before my dull stint at work. Instantly he spotted the two best things in the shop (my jumper and coat, already mentioned). And, from now on I don’t think I can go on a charity spree without him, until I get bored of this trend at least... Perhaps he’s just trying to create a female version of him? I reckon so, but, for the time being he can do just that, cause I’m loving my new, old beauties.

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