Monday, 4 October 2010

To Have And To Hold

Despite working in a shoe store, my true accessory passion is bags, ahh bags bags bags, I'm definitely a bag girl, through and through. They are my biggest weakness, that said, I genuinely believe a girl can never have too many of them, I mean, they basically carry your life, right?
A bag can uplift my spirits and make me feel great about my outfit and sometimes even the appalling day that faces me, fashion has powers like no other...
Top tip, do not care  about shoes and bag matching (most of the time), I say lets forget about looking put together and polished and all go for the more thrown together look, like a little princess trying on her mothers treasures, mis-matched is the way to go, effortless beauty. Yey to it  working perfectly with my completely unorganised, messy lifestyle too!

Some of my all time favourite bag shaped gems come from charity shops, classics they are. Never go near a vintage shop until you've rummaged the rails these second hand havens. Just the other day i stumbled across this amazing tan leather (soo soft!) and suede patchwork slouchy bag, i had told myself I wouldn't go shopping, what with the rent due the next day and what not, but it was love at first sight and for a fiver I could hardly say no. It hasn't left my shoulder since!

Now, charity shops are one thing but my god, how I would bubble with happiness if I got my hands on one of these wonderful Mulberry creations the almighty 'Alexa Bag'... in oak and oversized, please.
I reckon to purchase one of these would actually be more of an investment, possibly. I could fit everything I need in it, without carrying around too much junk AND I'm pretty sure it would go with every out fit and pair of shoes I own, and look amazing constantly! Eek, I'm talking myself into it. Enough
At about two and a half months rent though, I really don't think this would be a wise investment just yet. Christmas and birthday prezzie combined maybe?
Until then I'll concentrate on tonight's bag, hmmm vintage satchel or Mulberry Mitzy Hobo?

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